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Expectant mother

I have been thinking about how I feel, about how the build up and excitement of my daughter’s imminent arrival has been for me. I guess the term, “Expectant Mother” sums it up. Although, thankfully, the gestation period has been a little quicker @ just 5 months. In some ways, having chosen her accommodation, and preparing it for her arrival, it’s like preparing a nursery. Making it as warm, cosy and homely as possible.

Many of the feelings and thoughts I’ve been having have been so similar to before her birth.

* I can’t wait for her to be here.
* Will she arrive at the specified time. (I hope so, we’ll have her howling cat on board!)
* I hope she’ll be okay and happy.
* It’s the main focus of my attention.
* I feel so excited I am fit to burst.
* It’s all I talk about (well mostly) and I want to show everyone the lovely nursery (apartment).
* Will it be okay, or have we made a bad decision.
* Am I ready to be a mother (well okay, I am stretching it a bit now, but you catch my drift).
* Will I have enough milk (okay, now I am getting silly).
* I have back ache!

Alors, in 10 days time, she will be about 5km away and moving into her new home. For the following several weeks I will be helping her sort out bank account, telephone, internet, insurance, registering with a doctor, registering to be an, “Auto Entrepeneur”, and anything else that one needs to do to start living in France. Having moved on from this some 5 years ago, I’ve forgotten many of the things that will need addressing, that will cause her difficulties. I am expecting this winter to be too busy for me to notice winter, and for spring to arrive and surprise me.

I know for her, she’ll be moving away from a very cramped home and road and town into something a little more spacious. It won’t be so noisy, and hopefully life will be more tranquil and gentle, so like being born then. Thankfully, it will not be me having “labours pains” but her, as she adjusts to a very different lifestyle and culture. Lets hope nobody’s waters break 🙂 and that no one needs an episiotomy or emergency C-section.

So, the gate will be open for a while I suspect, as we come and go and settle the new baby in.

Vive la bonne installation de mon petit sac! (One of her nicknames is Bag).

Kathy, insanely happy and excited.


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