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Humans or Dogs

I was struck today by 2 photos, appearing almost simultaneously on Facebook, both pulling at different heartstrings.

This one, which I shared and found incredibly moving,

Human to human

and then this one, which I found cute, but it didn’t pull at my heartstrings;

Human to dog

Both photos got me thinking, how come we humans appear to be drawn to rescue animals, or humans. And, are we only able to have those strong feelings for one of the other.

I’d earlier been having a conversation with Mark, about lost dogs, dogs needing homes, as we’d found a lost hunting hound this morning, wandering up and down our small lane. She looked like she was still feeding puppies as her teats were quite pronounced, and she seemed more anxious to find home than eat or drink our offerings. Whilst I felt sorry for her, I in no way felt interested in befriending her or stroking her, whereas Mark did go and do so. I am not a doggy person, in fact a dog that stares at me adoringly, as some dogs do, would make me crazy! I regularly come across, on Facebook and on forums, dog rescue adverts or pleas for the life of certain dogs, and these leave me cold.

I do however carry a banner for humans who may be suffering, or children who’ve been abandoned or are starving, and could very easily be persuaded to take one in. So, why the difference…..why does it appear sometimes that some people have more affinity with animals than their own kind. How come a puppy can mean more to some people than a baby?
How come there is a ROYAL Society for the Protection of Animals, and only a National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children? Does this say something about society in the UK (I do not know what there is in place in other countries, so can only use the UK for my example).

So please, hands up if both humans and animals have the same pull for you, and I can be happy that we’re not all so different. I am not asking you to stop loving and caring for your dogs, just that you also care for human kind as vehemently.

Kathy the sane


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