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Mother’s pride

I am currently in awe of my daughter who has travelled from the UK to Budapest for dental treatment. She made the decision as she was getting such poor treatment in the UK and really wanted to get her mouth sorted out. Yesterday she had a wisdom tooth removed and another this morning at 7am.

Now me, I’d want to be able to go home, to be with my support network and I wouldn’t dream of travelling alone to a country where I don’t speak the language. I think she is incredibly brave and courageous. She has a root canal treatment tomorrow and then she can have a short city break before returning home.

This is not the only reason I am in awe. I am so proud of the way she deals with adversity. Last year, she was very badly conned by a serial conman, he stole all that she valued, and luckily she didn’t have much to steal. He stole her small amount of savings, her laptop, he bike, her valuable earrings. She was unable to claim on insurance as he was her boyfriend and was living with her, so there was no break and entry. Amazingly, within weeks she was moving on and putting this awful period behind her, whilst at the same time campaigning through various media to track him down. He was eventually tracked down and put back behinds bars (it turn out he was out on licence). Sadly, he continues to be released on parole and continues to con people. However, she has moved onwards and upwards. I got the impression that there were some people who felt it was wrong of her to have got involved with him and made judgements about what happened. Others who felt she wasn’t suffering enough afterwards, and should be trailing around in sack cloth and ashes for a bit longer. I am proud that she didn’t, and that she doesn’t let adversity knock her down.

She was recently made redundant as her department at the university began to close down. She didn’t once see this as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to break free and become self employed. Some people might possibly have been dragged down by yet another difficult period, but not. She’s making great strides towards her business, started working more or less as she left the Uni and will be launching her website and business officially next week when she returns from Budapest.

Along with all of this she is making plans for the big move to France. We’re now looking at late November, early December, and I hope we can find her somewhere to live.

I am not sure where she gets this courage from, as I am quite a scaredy cat, and she tells me she doesn’t get it from her father.

Why am I writing it here? Well, she’s not good at hearing this stuff, or believing this type of stuff, so I figure that reading it here might shift that somewhat. Well done Bag, you’re a star xxx

Whilst on the subject of courage and bravery, I’ve just started following two blogs by young women who have travelled halfway across the world to my nearest city to study. They are so brave, I cannot imagine I would ever have considered this at their age (or even now)….I wonder whether it was my upbringing. Oh well, well done them and my Bag (my daughter)….you have my utmost admiration.

Oh, and after my Big, Fat lie and my blog yesterday, I realise that I was joining two stories together whilst talking to my lovely friend Cleo. It was at that time that my marriage died, and trust walked out the door. So, I was near the truth I guess.

Kathy the sane.


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  1. You have every right to be proud – and Jo should be proud of herself!


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