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I drove through the French countryside this afternoon, travelling roads I travelled on yesterday and the day before, yet roads unfamiliar to me until now. They’re roads nearby, but I have never needed to be on them, it feels strange to be using them day after day. As I travelled to find the English hairdresser I’d made an appointment with, I was overwhelmed for a while by my feelings about my daughter coming to live nearby. About possibly having a grand child or two growing up near me and my role in that. I find it very exciting, and unbelievable and have to remind myself that I am far off into a future rather than in the present.

On my drive back from the hair do, along barely used roads, meeting no more than 5 cars in 20 mins, I was reminded of my journeys to and from therapy in North Devon. The roads I used then were as empty for some of the time, especially when I got near to Bisi’s. The last road, a 5 minute uphill climb, was in a narrow one track road, with high banks either side so no vision. I recall the banks were strewn with primroses at times, and daffodils at others. It was a very peaceful, and pretty journey, and today it was in my mind. I wonder how Bisi is.

We went to look at two properties for rent yesterday, one of them was good, large, stark yet in a perfect place. The 2nd was too big, too scruffy and too much maintenance. So, the search (somewhat earlier than expected) continues. I am awaiting a response to an email to view another smaller, clean looking house nearby.

Having recovered from the visits, I have begun the process of dealing with the harvest. I made Apple Jelly last weekend, and was so exhausted, I couldn’t do anymore, so have frozen the pulp to make apple cheese or butter with at some point when life has slowed down. Walnuts and chestnuts are falling and need collecting every few days. Quince need processing tomorrow as they are beginning to rot, and then next week the final harvest of the remaining squashes in the potager. Once the chestnuts are falling heavily, I’ll invite some friends over to collect as many as they want, as I hate them going to waste.

We’ve had 3 very peaceful days here, our anti social neighbour must have been away. No barking dog in the small hours, disturbing our sleep, and barking during the day just disturbing us. No hooter being sounded three times as he rounds the small bend on our quiet road, 3 times on his way out and on his way in, up to 5 times per day. It’s amazing how peaceful the days were, non of his comings and goings and whole undisturbed nights. We hoped that he’d gone for good, and we have fantasies about his demise, sadly though, this is not to be, he’s back, the dogs are barking and the hooter is sounding.

We’re going to Paris at Christmas, and I am resisting blogging about it since there are hundred of blogs about Paris.
No doubt I shall have to say something. I am intrigued to experience Paris in the middle of winter and hope that most of it remains open for our trip. I’ve booked us into a hotel in the Pigal, and being naive hadn’t quite registered that it was infamous! I have read some reviews on Trip Advisor which are comical. I think we’ll cope with the odd woman of the night wandering around and it might add to our vacance.

The freezer is full, I have 10 kilos of sugar for the making of conserves and enough food to feed us for 2 weeks or more. I think I’ll close the gate and lock it for a while and let the world go away.

Kathy the sane.


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