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exhaustion, turmoil and shock.

It’s been a mad 18 days of visitors. My family came to visit, my son, his girlfriend and 2 young grandsons who enjoyed La Plage at the river, a lot. A a few days later my daughter and later during this 2 weeks, 2 sets of friends from the UK.
I love having visitors and have found it rather exhausting this time, and wonder whether it’s an age thing.

My daughter since May, has been planning to move to France, and this last visit (in my mind at least) was to make sure that was still the plan. It is, and the plan is moving forward very quickly, I will soon be doing a Kirsty Allsop in Oct/Nov, finding her suitable rented accommodation nearby. Her last week here was intense, and she had a great time out in France, with 2 friends from next door, finding the lack of night time entertainment and having fun with language. It was a little like living with a teenager, and it’s rather odd now, to be locking up and turning lights out at night and not hearing someone creep past the bedroom door at 3am!

The shock thing is still rolling around in my head. When Mark and I moved here 5 years ago as a mature couple, way beyond childbearing age, we no made impact on the family gene pool. I am now getting my head around the fact that at some point, there could be a new generation of my family born as French citizens!! I still haven’t fully thought this through, it feels odd and I am sure will eventually make sense.

Alors, the house seems so empty, I have no pressing need to cook, prepare beds, converse with, make visits to local attractions and generally stay awake and pay attention. I am sure I’ll get used to our solitary existence pretty soon and start the jobs that have been waiting for me.

Oh and, the gate has been open a lot more than has been comfortable this last 3 weeks, so if you don’t mind, I will lock it as you leave.

Kathy (with doubts about her sanity).

PS. I have just read this back and see glaring grammatical errors. I shall go and remove some of my comma’s and see if I can make it sound like my daughter has been mine since before May …………


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  1. ‘The problem is, what if people notice I am no longer pleasing them? Will I survive?’

    Difficult to answer.

    I think maybe I can see where you are coming from. On the arthritis issue I am a fairly new kid on the block and don’t actually know anything about effective treatment in different circumstances.

    The question that maybe you should ask yourself is ‘does it matter if I (that is you) please other people’.
    Survival in the emotional sense, is entirely up to your ability to see things from another perspective.


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