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Book club reading.

Earlier in the year I was invited to join a book club which circulates books here in France. I spent a few days considering the offer, since this would be a new concept for me. I agreed and am now a member of a group of 11, mainly women and one man. The book circulation starts in October, and it took me some time to find a book that I felt would be a suitable read, having studied the lists of books the members have either already read, or circulated.

I feel some trepidation, as I am not one for writing flowery reviews, or even unflowery. It’s not something I have ever had to do. I didn’t attend university, didn’t study literature and my writing is often straight and to the point. I read a book, I like it or not, and have little to say about why, unless of course it has impacted on me greatly. I am also aware I don’t tend to analyse the characters, or look deeply into the possible ulterior message running through the text. Another worry (anxiety) for me is, I hate feeling under pressure to read a book I haven’t chosen. I like to chose my own books, and get very impatient if I am reading a book that I dislike.

After some long thought and consideration, I picked up Zen and the Art of Cycle Maintenance. This is a book that belongs to my husband, we have quite a different reading list. I read 4-5 chapters before deciding I was very bored. I picked up another book The Blind Assassin and was bored beyond compare by page 10. I also thought I SHOULD read some Proust, since it seems I have missed some important classical education somewhere. I managed about 5 chapters before decided it really was a load of pretentious poo. This probably makes me a philistine. Oh well, so be it. Having said that, I picked up Titus Groan several years ago, another book belonging to mon marie, thinking how boring it looked. I loved it, and have downloaded to my Kindle to read again when I have time (in between book club offerings).

I am currently reading the choice I have made, and will be sending it off soon to the person I send to. I am looking forward to the experience (mostly) and hope that I enjoy it enough to carry on next year. I let you know the name of the book once it is in circulation, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Please close the gate firmly, it’s been quite noisy and disturbing out there recently.

Kathy the sane.


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Content to be Lefty, Libtard, Snowflake, TreeHugger, DoGooder, kind, generous and sane. This Atheist will say potent prayers for you Trumpettes.

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  1. You should never, ever feel that you have failed because you don’t enjoy a book or don’t finish it. Not if it’s a great classic, not if your best friend loved it, not even if everyone else says you should read it. Never. It’s just that you and that book aren’t right for each other at this time. Move on and find ‘your’ book.
    I’m in a book group, sometimes I discover fabulous books that I would never have picked up, sometimes I hate them. C’est la vie!


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