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Ponderings and frustrations.

Loose cannon is a term that is wandering around in my head today.

When someone with some responsibly for the control of their group or team becomes out of control and unpredictable.
In the case in question though, it is predictable and not completely out of control. So maybe there is another term for this situation. It certainly is “rocking the boat” and I have had to take my “Mal de mer” tablets. It’s also caused some splitting of the group, which is really unpleasant to be a part of. Again, it seems as if it is mirroring what is being discussed/fought over/talked about in the real world. It certainly seems to be polarising the group and I have been fascinated to see myself at odds with someone I normally walk alongside. I really do want to run and hide….maybe I need help. Where’s my therapist?

Questions and no feedback is also something bothering me this morning. I am asked a question, I answer to the best of my ability and the questioner says no more, doesn’t expand on their original question with some feedback and I am left wondering what they are NOT saying. I suspect they are not saying how I am pissing them off….I wish they’d say, so we could investigate this further. It feels withholding, which reminds me of my family of origin. Being reminded of my family of origin is a bad thing by the way….just in case you were wondering.

I am sure you haven’t heard the last from me today….it probably isn’t good blogging to go on so. I apologise to the seasoned bloggers who are horrified by my lack of restraint. It would be wrong of me to promise I’ll try harder to restrain myself. With my Mal de Mer tablets inside me, I feel like a ship in full sail! Ahoy!

Gate – close it! Thank you.

Kathy the sane…..ish.


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Content to be Lefty, Libtard, Snowflake, TreeHugger, DoGooder, kind, generous and sane. This Atheist will say potent prayers for you Trumpettes.

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