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Platitudes…...these make me scream.

I am sick to death of the one I hear used most often by politicians,
“Lessons will be learned.”
How long will they go on using this trite statement and continue not to learn. How long?! (Yes, I know, this is another way I write and express myself, you’ll have to live with it or ignore me).

I learned, many years ago now, that platitudes cannot replace acts. I learned not to say or rely on, “I am trying to do this, I will try to do that” or words to that effect. This may not be in the platitude category, however I am placing it there for the sake of this piece of writing.
You can either try, and get good marks for, pats on the back for trying, yet not achieve anything. Your other choice is to do it….whatever it was you were planning to try, just change the words and actions and do it.

So, “lessons will be learned” is the same in my eyes. It is a meaningless statement, that leaves one free to carry on achieving nothing, whilst sounding like you’re doing something. In fact, we’re back to the, “I’ll pray for you” platitude. Is it a platitude? It feels and sounds like the same trite out pouring to me.

Sorry for blogging again so soon. I’ll tryharder to get it right in future.

Sod the gate, you all know the drill by now.

Kathy the sane?

Not sure how good or bad this is, but will further investigate when I stop having ideas to write about.


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Content to be Lefty, Libtard, Snowflake, TreeHugger, DoGooder, kind, generous and sane. This Atheist will say potent prayers for you Trumpettes.

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