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A balancing act

Maximising your hourly rate

I’ve been trying to write a quote, something succinct for Jo’s web page. I know what I want to say, but can’t find the words for something short, snappy yet impactful. (okay, it’s a word I use and I’ll add it to my dictonairre thanks spell check).

Jo is currently working through things she needs to to start her own business. She has a long to do list (she always has a long to do list!). Some of her business will be doing jobs for people they have outsourced to her, either one to one or through an agency. There are many reasons people do this. One of those reasons is to allow them to use their time more effectively and efficiently.

In his book, The Book of Yo! Simon Woodroffe expounds this idea and in fact, I think I have carried it around in my head ever since reading this at the beginning of this century. He suggests that we use our time to do what we’re good at, and pay others to do the stuff we’re not good at. Using an example, as I am sure he does, if you can earn €40 per hour doing what you’re good at, and can outsource jobs your not good at for €10-15 per hour, then do so. Struggling with something you’re not good at, and effectively losing €30 per hour in the process makes poor business sense.

So, the people Jo will be working for will hopefully be using this as one of the principles behind their decision to outsource to her. Using this theory, Jo is outsourcing some work right now that she’s not good at, and leaving her free to continue to earn money at what she is good at.

I know, not succinct, and very rambling, but it’s so good to get it out of my head. In doing so, I have come up with the very thing I have been looking for.

Jo, you have my copy of The Book of Yo!…..please look through it and find the short, succinct quote from Mr Woodroffe and use it on your web site somewhere (citing him of course). There, here is an example of outsourcing….I’ve outsourced this to Jo. I won’t be paying her of course, but then, she’s not paying me for my ideas.

How often should one blog?

Being new to blogging, I find myself wondering how it works, and whether I am getting it right. If I blog today, now, should it all be here, as one long blog? What if later today, after publishing this, I have something else I want to write, is it okay to write another, separate blog? Do I have to have all my ideas now, whilst I am sitting here, when I haven’t even had my breakfast yet?

These may not be issues for you, but they are to me. I’d don’t like to get it wrong. However, I do need my breakfast, so am risking I’ll have no more ideas today, no more little snippets I want to write.

The gate, don’t forget please, it’s important.

Kathy the sane.


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