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Losing your nouns and misplacing your adjectives.

Complicated yes?

Imagine a world in which you no longer have the ability to use nouns in your conversations.
Imagine a world where you frequently lose the adjective you’re needing to describe something.
You have hardly any pronouns and your vocabulary is becoming more and more limited.

You were once able to do The Times crossword. You loved reading books and writing short stories.
There was someone with you, a constant companion, who could and would prompt you to fill in the gaps.
In fact, he did it so well, it was a long time before people began to know there was something missing, something wrong.

Now you can hardly have a simple phone conversation, you can’t always recall who you’re talking to, and you repeat yourself over and over. You have 100’s of photos that you never got around to putting in albums, you have a few framed photos of your family hanging on your wall. Many more sit in a pile, and you work through them often, putting them in order ready for when you finally “do something with them”. There they sit, week in week out, being shuffled but going nowhere. Actually, there you sit, week in week out, being shuffled but going nowhere.

This is a small insight into the world of my mum. her world has shrunk, she lives in a nursing home, her home is now just one room, and her life and her memories are in those photos.


Please close the gate as you leave,
Kathy the Sane


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Content to be Lefty, Libtard, Snowflake, TreeHugger, DoGooder, kind, generous and sane. This Atheist will say potent prayers for you Trumpettes.

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