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Altruism or is it?

I was going to write something about altruism, and thought I’d better check the definition.  Having checked,  I have discovered that’s not what I want to write about.  So, I have to find another way express what I want to say. Maybe I want to dig around a little in unselfish acts, or charitable behaviour or kindness.   I guess those words are less precise, but they are what I mean.

I inherited a small amount of money a couple of months ago.   Now, even that sentence is relative.  What is small to me may not be small to others.   In my family of origin, it’s actually large.  However, in my husband’s family, and in our experience as a couple, it’s small.

Anyhow, I inherited a sum of money, and had been waiting for some time to be in a position to loan a small amount to help others.  So, not giving, but lending.   I’d read about Kiva and had been interested yet not in a financial position to lend.    I felt really good being able to do this finally, and lent about $120 spread over 4 people.  In fact, it’s very little, but it’s something.

I invited friends to look, and was surprised (I am naive) that some were somewhat cynical.  I agree, it’s possible some of the money may line the pockets of the money lenders, it’s quite possible.  I also know that when I give to charity, for instance the recent Horn of Africa appeal, that possibly some of my money will not make it to where it should. But, it doesn’t stop me. Why does it stop others?

At various times during my working life, I have made monthly charitable donations, and now I am not able to do this.
So I am pleased now to be helping others in some way.

There is a news item today about funding to charities in UK being reduced or withdrawn.

One of the interviewee’s said that during economic decline, many of the charities are in greater demand. Relate, for instance, will see higher demand from couples coping with job losses and the consequent strain on married and family life.

I should acknowledge, I am observing all this from my safe place, behind the gate, outside The Asylum….and I am very happy to be doing that at this time. So, for now….please let me know what you think stops people giving, apart from not having enough themselves.

Thanks for reading and please make sure you close the gate on your way out.

Kathy the Sane


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  1. Apart from not having much money myself, what stops me is the number of charities there are… how do I choose which ones should benefit over others?!! I have given to lots of charities over my working life, but there are still more I’d like to contribute too… so instead of choosing, sometimes I just don’t give. For example I would love to sponsor a child in Africa, but apart from the fact it’s about £30 a month, which I can’t really afford, I’d also like to sponsor an elephant, or a gorilla… lol! x

  2. That was a loan… 🙂


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