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Workfare Abandoned! Mandatory Work Activity and Community Work Placements Both To Be Scrapped


Recent performance figures showed that only half of those referred to forced community work actually started a placement. Eighteen months after Community Work Placements began the DWP is still avoiding telling us whether anyone has actually found a real job through the scheme. The department is claiming the programmes will not be renewed to save money.

Originally posted on the void:

workfare-partyIn a major victory for campaigners, two of the main workfare programmes are to be abandoned the DWP has quietly announced today.  Private sector contracts to run Community Work Placements and Mandatory Work Activity will not be renewed says the department in their response to George Osborne’s spending review.

Community Work Placements involve six month’s forced full time work for the long term unemployed, whilst Mandatory Work Activity is a four week short sharp shock of workfare used to punish claimants who were judged not to have the right attitude by Jobcentre busy-bodies.

Hundreds of charities have pulled out of both schemes or boycotted them completely after furious campaigning from Boycott Workfare, Keep Volunteering Voluntary and claimants across the UK.  Recent performance figures showed that only half of those referred to forced community work actually started a placement.  Eighteen months after Community Work Placements began the DWP is

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BBC caught throwing facts down the memory hole

BBC caught throwing facts down the memory hole


Never in our history has “trusted” media been so dangerous and manipulative.

Originally posted on OffGuardian:

by Kit


Cast your mind back to 2013, I know it’s been a while, but try. It was a different time. Miley Cyrus was riding a wrecking ball and World War Z was tearing up the box office and David Cameron wanted to bomb Assad. It was truly a wondrous age.

…but now the BBC wants to flush it all away.

Sadly, this doesn’t include Miley Cyrus. Or World War Z.

John Humprhys, veteran propaganda peddler and all-round swell guy, took out his scissors and pritt-stik and got to work editing our history. This is what he said on the BBC Radio 4’s Today Program (135 minutes in):

Well its more than 2 years since the Government, our Government asked the House of Commons to approve military action against Islamic State in Syria and MPs said no, it was a devastating defeat. It seemed to proved the end of…

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Give a little bit.


Give a little bit — give a little bit of your love to me
I’ll give a little bit — give a little bit of my love to you
There’s so much that we need to share
So send a smile and show you care

harry fear

Give a little bit — I’ll give a little bit of my life for you
So give a little bit — give a little bit of your time to me
See the man with the lonely eyes
Oh take his hand you’ll be so surprised

no name

Give a little bit — give a little bit of your love to me
I’ll give a little bit — I’ll give a little bit of my life for you
Now’s the time that we need to share
So find yourself — we’re on our way back home


Oh we’re going home
Don’t you need, don’t you need to get back home
Oh yeah we’re going back

We got to get a feeling
Got to get a feeling
Get a feeling right now

We’ve come a long way
Oh what a long ride
We’ve come a long way

Oh can we sing it tonight

[Roger Hodgson – Give a Little Bit Soundtrack Lyrics]

Migrants arrive at the Austrian-Hungarian border station of Hegyeshalom, Hungary, September 5, 2015. Hundreds of exhausted migrants streamed into Austria on Saturday, reaching the border on buses provided by an overwhelmed Hungarian government that gave up trying to hold back crowds that had set out on foot for western Europe.    REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh

Migrants arrive at the Austrian-Hungarian border station of Hegyeshalom, Hungary, September 5, 2015. Hundreds of exhausted migrants streamed into Austria on Saturday, reaching the border on buses provided by an overwhelmed Hungarian government that gave up trying to hold back crowds that had set out on foot for western Europe. REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh


You know eventually we will all have to shove over and make a little room. We will all have to let go of some of what comforts us to help comfort others and we will all have to get used to a new world order. We can fight and fight, throw money at walls and fences and shout as loud as we can and yet, we will still have to shove up and give a little love.

Be kind and compassionate, one day it could be you needing help.

I am a Politician, get me out of here.

My outline for a new reality TV show.

Round up 12 of your favourite toxic politicians, remove their ID papers (passports, wallets, driving licences etc) and most of their clothes.  Buy them a fake Yamaha life jacket and drop them into a holed smuggler’s boat several miles off the coast of Lesbos.  There they can then queue for several days in the cold with no warm clothing and just the food or drink that the civilian volunteers can give them whilst they wait to register.

On Day 5 they can start their walk to Germany or Jungle 2.   They must pass through Hungary (they will not receive 200 HUF) and they may not be picked up and given lifts.

Now who will you choose….there is only room for 12 for the 1st series.

Backers wanted.  Or shall I start a Crowd Funding page to get this show off the ground?

A girl can dream.


Refugees and all their rubbish!


These poor people have just had an awful weekend listening to and watching live music.  They’ve had access to food, to water, to toilets and to RUBBISH bins.  Better than that, they know where they are going and will be somewhere safe, warm, dry and comfortable by nightfall.  They will access to more food, warmth, a shower and a comfortable bed.

Bless them.  Why should they clear up after themselves.



These people have just spent several days walking.  They may have made a treacherous Mediterranian Sea crossing. They have little or no access to water, food, toilet facilites, to clean clothes.  Rubbish bins!!!  You’re kidding. They have no idea where they will be tonight and have no idea when they will next sleep in a comfortable bed after a cleansing shower.  They don’t know when they will next (if ever) feel safe.

“Fuck them!  Look at all the crap they spread as they try to get here to invade us.  Look at them all, they’re dirty and probably full of disease, they’re all young men….they’re coming to fight us and kill us!  Make them go away and take their rubbish with them.”

read Vacation in Rogince below

If you want to help those poor people who were traumatised by their experience at Glastonbury this year please educate them to clear up after themselves.

If you want to help refugees please join the various groups on Facebook.

Calais and beyond – People to People Solidarity – Action from France


Caravans For Calais – Coordinate & Fundraise

Calais – People to People Solidarity – Action from UK

Let’s Help Refugees in Hungary – English wing of SEM

Kos Kindness

‘Lily’ – Love In the Language of Yarn

Socks For Refugees

Connecting Hands to Help Refugees in Greece

Write to you MP and demand that she/he takes this situation seriously.

Don’t find yourselves on the wrong side of history.

you or I

In my mother’s eyes.

In 1959 my mum took me to the Dr’s as she thought I was, “Wasting away”…..”Like two boards clapped together”. I was a 4 year old active child, playing outside all day and doing what 4 years old’s back then could do.  I am sure I was the same size as all my compatriots but to a weight obsessed mother, something needed to be done.  I can only recall being given daily iron tablets after the doctor visit, not sure whether she started feeding me more.

This was the woman who after the birth of my younger sister would lay on the bathroom floor in hospital exercising to get her figure back.   This was the woman who in my young memory was thin.  In later years we wondered whether it wasn’t okay for me (or my 2 other sisters) to be thinner than her.

At age 11 I was put on a diet as I was now too fat!  I gave up sugar in tea and coffee.  I remember dad had bought some diet aids called Aids which you took before a meal to suppress your hunger.  My memory of these were they were sweet and probably just a bit of sugar to raise your blood sugar a bit in advance of eating.  I also remember dad buying some dry bread type rolls which were like eating cardboard.  I have no idea if I lost weight (I must have) and then recall that my mum told me I couldn’t wear a much desired (by me) trouser suit as I was too fat.  I am pretty sure that by age 13 I had lost any real idea of what I was.   Bearing in mind that I had grown up during the Twiggy years, so what chance was there for me to know what was normal.

Fat, thin, all things in between… body was not mine, I had only my mother’s interpretation of what I was.  My body image (that internal image we all carry was of a fat girl).


I saw this yesterday which is why today I am blogging.  It made me feel so sad that there are millions of little girls growing up being judged by their parents, society and being fed misinformation by the media.

In later years I looked back at photos of me as a young teenager and discovered I was “normal”.  My Levi 501’s looked good on me, my midriff baring tops (1970’s fashion) looked fine and my belly looked normal (not like Twiggys! but normal).  Age 15 I was probably a size 12 and when I got married aged 19 around a size 14.  I never in all this time felt normal.  I always felt that I was fat and this was reinforced by my mother and society.

At age 16 we moved away to a new home where I knew no one, too old for the youth club, too young to drive (we were 7 miles from nearest town) and as far as I was concerned life had become pretty shit.  I started getting headaches and went to the doctors where I was prescribed Lorazapam!!! FFS.  This is the same doctor who was prescribing Librium for my mother!  I guess early 70’s was a little too soon to expect a doctor to take a little bit more notice of what was going on for me.

So, what happened.  Well like all women I spent the next 3 decades trying different diets, watching what I ate, exercising, dieting, exercising,………….getting thin, getting fatter, getting thin, getting fatter and never ever feeling I got it right.  Seeing others who seemed to just be “right”.  Seeing others eating the same things I eat, not having to think about (or so it seemed) what they were eating.  Seeing others not needing to diet.  Wondering what it must be like to just be normal, to not be too thin or too fat and to not be judged by society.

After many decades of success and failure I decided to stop following any sort of diet and to just get on with my life and be me.  I am morbidly obese according to the rigged BMI scales and Obese according to the pre rigged BMI scales.  BMI scales created by an Actuarial working for a insurance company in America.  An Actuarial who knows nothing about dieting and weight but understands statistics about life expectancy.  In 1998 millions of Americans became fat overnight as the BMI table was reset.

Who’s fat?

People (those who judge me by how I look) assume I eat crap.  Assume I eat junk.  Assume I must be eating differently to them.  They will even be thinking as they read this, “I bet you do.  I bet you’re a secret eater.  I bet you eat sweets and crisps when no one is looking.”  Well I don’t.  I am sure they must do cos even I judge me and have an internal dialogue when on some occasions I am not eating healthy food.  I have my own little panel of judges sitting on my shoulder who give me a hard time.

I recall more recently being on holiday with friends who had a toddler of around 15 months old.  I can recall we’d had the meal where we’d been judged by the father (the conversation was around weight and how easily he could lose weight when he put on a few pounds).  The most shocking memory for me was when he turned to his wife and asked how soon before their daughter would be giving up her bottle of milk as she was getting a tummy on her!!  This from someone with obviously no idea about toddler abdomens and no idea about what is normal for a 15 month old, and no idea about the needs of her body.  Just plenty of twisted ideas about body image.

Why BMI Isn’t The Best Measure for Weight (or Health)

The weight loss industry if it worked would be out of business.  If diets worked, there would be no more diets.  If losing weight worked, we’d only need to do it once.  There is something wrong here and something still unknown about why some people can eat, can eat crap and stay slim and some people eat and eat healthy food and get fat.

I cannot count how many times I have been judged and found guilty by one of those people who have been slim or within “normal” limits their whole lives.  I have been judged by people who put on a few pounds on holiday or for some other reason and then lose it when they return to their normal lifestyle.  Yet all of those people are not nearly as powerful as my mother and the mother in my head and the mother on my panel of judges.  They’ve been there since I was a young girl and I will always be too fat whatever size I am and however much I weight.

I blogged this in June 2013.  I think the photo of the little girl standing on the scales reminded me of this.  Read this if you are a mother of young girls.

Passing on body hatred.

What we need to be passing on is love and acceptance.  Giving our daughters unconditional love and letting them know that they can be whoever and whatever they want to be however they look.


By Brute Force

By Brute Force


“Rumour has it there isn’t anyone left in Orbán’s inner circle to make him understand that the refugee crisis has no solution, or rather has no Hungarian solution. More precisely, there is no one magical solution.

The Hungarian government cannot stop the tide of refugees with a fence nor with the army mobilized after 50 years of inaction or some new laws, and it couldn’t take them in even if they wanted to stay.”

This in my opinion applies to all politicians who are wringing their hands. There is no magical solution and you cannot hold back this tide. You must take head of your citizens and provide good care, warmth, food and health care and housing whilst you seek your solutions. I am despaitring of humanity.

Originally posted on Refugee Crisis in Hungary:

Author:Zoltán GÁL J. Original title:    Erőnek ereje , Photo:MTI-Balázs MOHAI Date: Published in the 12/09/2015 issue

By Brute Force

Are they doing this on purpose, or is this really the best they can do? As if the refugee crisis was holding a magnifying glass above the country, we might have never seen Hungary like this before with such strong contours — in such detail. Beyond the magnifying glass now appears a world that last showed itself in this country in 1944, but there is also a yearning for an inclusive, tolerant, European country. And the distance between the two is not a crack, but an abyss.

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