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11 little changes to move your life in unimaginable ways.

1. Listen with your heart, not with your ears- you’ll be surprised at what you hear.

2. Turn off your inflexible button for one day a week – see what life sends for you.

3. Do something thoughtful for one person each week.

4. Change But to And in all that you say – pay attention to how this changes everything.

5. Have a look at “Golden Silence”, practice it in all your disputes.

6. Look at it again; practice it in your sales pitches.

7. Never promise yes when you mean no.
note to self

8. Yes, you’re right, for you, not always for them.

9. Sometimes the journey is just a journey, enjoy it.

10. Tell someone how much they mean to you, even if you think they already know.

Let me know how you get on.

Food bank charity told to stop criticising benefit system or face shut-down – by the government


#The Trussell Trust and the Condem Gov………I know who I trust.
Now the government has tried a different tack: blackmail. Instead of trying to justify the government’s position or undermine that taken by the trust in public, it has been revealed that, recently, “someone in power” told trust bosses that the government “might try to shut you down” if the trust continued to cause it embarrassment.

Originally posted on Vox Political:


What would you do in that situation?

It seems that food bank charity The Trussell Trust has been making too many waves around the Conservative-led Coalition government’s policies regarding benefits, social security and welfare.

Readers may recall how the charity warned that Coalition policies had created a need for a huge expansion in the number of food banks across the UK. The Tories countered this by accusing the trust of “misleading and emotionally manipulative publicity-seeking”, and also of “aggressively marketing [its] services”.

After this failed to make a dent in public opinion, the Daily Mail tried to discredit the trust by claiming it was handing out food parcels without checking whether the people claiming them were bona fide.

But it turned out that the paper’s claim of “inadequate checks on who claims the vouchers, after a reporter obtained three days’ worth of food simply by telling staff at a Citizens…

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Standing Desk a sequel

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Originally posted on musings from outside the asylum:

Day 2

I was pretty achy when I went to bed last night, and pleased with how the raised desk was working out. I am pretty achy today too, and have been here less than yesterday. No reggae either, as I was driving round the glorious French countryside on errands.

I know that several things are happening whilst I am standing here, and one of those things is I am actually burning calories. The reason I was achy (and am now) is because I using muscles to support my body. Back muscles, thigh muscles, calf muscles, etc. When I was sitting in a chair, the chair was doing all this work so my body could slow right down and burn very little energy. So, I have already speeded up my metabolism with little conscious effort.

I like this article I’ve linked to, as there are several health benefits mentioned within…

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Standing Desk

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I’m still standing 2 years on.

Originally posted on musings from outside the asylum:

Day 1.

In the past few days I have been hearing about and reading about Standing Desks.

My chair which is now two years old has lost it cushioning effect. I am obese and spend a long time on my laptop. Have been thinking for a while I need a new chair, along with thinking I need to get off my ar** and spend less time sitting in front of this screen. So, I know how that works. I start of with good intentions and we have been walking more, however it’s not enough, I am addicted to the internet and I getting uncomfortable on my chair.

So, after having a look at what was available (buy a new desk rather than chair) I see that Ikea do some good ones.
Then I realise that one that is mentioned is actually the desk I am using! I look and see…

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Who IS caring for OUR parents?

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Of course the truth behind the Panorama story and other elderly care abuse stories is that we (I hold my hand up) have given over the care (or uncare) of our elderly parents to others.
Maybe we need to question why we don’t care for our old?

Aston Court Nursing Home staff charged with manslaughter

Caring for the elderly, along with caring for the elderly mentally ill and the chronically mentally ill, is one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever do. If you are a carer working with these people, you might go in with ideals and hopes to make a difference. What you might find is a home that is too full, has little money, doesn’t spend money on training and caring for it’s workers.

Care workers who assaulted and humiliated a brain damaged patient jailed for seven months

You will possibly begin to feel under valued by your employer and quite possibly mistreated by an employer who at the end of the day is keen to make a profit rather than offer good staff support and training.
You might find that you are hating your job but stuck. You feel abused by your employer who is not listening as he/she is checking her bank account. She/he doesn’t hear your pleas for more staff, more help, some training, some support and in time this is what you do with your patients. You don”t hear them, you don’t support them and stop caring for them. You come to work, do your job, feel spiteful and unloved and you take it out on the most vulnerable.

So, why don’t WE take care of our elderly? Why do WE hand them over to someone who has never loved them, never known them, and have no incentive to do a good job.

Councils in England ‘pay too little for home care’
elderly care

I am not condoning at all what we have seen, and I know for a fact that this is not even the tip of the iceberg but we really must look at ourselves, and at our culture and question why we end up with these cases.

NoRuz: The Persian New Year

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I know, not topical and rather late, but I have just come across this and it’s interesting. We live in a world where other religions and cultures are judged and condemned often with little or no reason or knowledge.

Here is a lovely introduction to NoRuz with Shappi Khorsandi and family.

One pissed off customer can F*** Up your brand’s reputation. Totally. Here’s how.

Page Link wasn’t working, sorry.
This has gone viral, keep it going.
However, the sad thing is, the owner of Ryanair who’s name escapes me has been known to say, “Any free publicity is good”.

Looks like the link I added has gone, but here is the story via Facebook.

James Lockley
24 April at 18:15 ·
Posted to Ryan Air today;
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing for the attention of your customer experience team. I am definitely a customer, and believe me, you didn’t fail providing us with an experience.
My wife and I had booked to fly from Stansted on the Thursday 17th April, evening flight to Bratislava. After 2 hours of fun, fun, fun, stuck on the M25 doing 20 mph, we arrived at Stansted check in with just one hour until the flight. Knowing the strict Ryan Air policy on ‘check in closes 40 mins before the flight’ as you are the Low Fare Taxi of The Skies, we went straight to the Ryan Air assistant and explained our plight. She said we were still within the time and all would be fine but we had to make the attendant at check in aware and he would assist from there.
We approached the attendant as instructed and explained. Unfortunately, in the main part, due to him being a child, and forgetting to bring his mother to work, he heard only half of the words before his brain fell apart like a wet cake. He led us to the line for closing gates, advised we should wait and all would be ok. We stood patiently in the line for 20 minutes. We got to the front of the line and the lady, who we shall from this point refer to a Vacant, explained that she had literally just that second closed the flight and we had missed it. We complained that we had done as instructed and she said it was the child’s fault because he should have advised her that we were trying to board a closing flight and that because he hadn’t told her it was therefore our fault we had missed the plane.
Confused by this process of blame apportioning, another check in clerk, who we shall refer to as Not That Bright, tried to blame us for not responding to the last call for the flight as we should have made ourselves known. I argued that the last call had not been made. Not That Bright then questioned Vacant on whether she had done a final call. Vacant did what she does best and looked, well,…… After establishing that the child had not informed Vacant we were here, and Vacant had forgotten to do a last call and that all of this was irreversible, and my fault, Not That Bright and Vacant conferred to agree this was not a problem they wished to deal with and told us to get in a very, very long line of very, very unhappy people at the quite wrongly titled ‘Customer Services Counter’ as it was in fact a Customer Shouting Desk. We complained and requested the attention of a manager.
Out came Colin, a man so angry all his hair had literally fallen out. He was so aggressive I can only assume he had accidentally inserted something sharp into somewhere private and been unable to remove it before he came to work. He was definitely a middle Gimp. I know this as Vacant and Not That Bright were clearly quite scared of him, and he can’t have been a Big Cheese as he was talking directly to customers and we all know from the papers that no-one in Big Cheese management at Ryan Air has ever seen, let alone spoken to an actual customer.
Middle Gimp had clearly listen hard at Ryan Air Middle Gimp school as he managed to take two perfectly calm and sane adults and in a matter of seconds reduce them to angry people considering violence.
‘Check in opens 3 hours before the flight’ he barked repeatedly as if it was the answer to every question in life. We tried to ask Middle Gimp direct questions about why it was necessary for us to miss the flight because the Child had forgotten to do his job, and Vacant had forgotten to do hers.
‘Why is this our fault, and why should we miss the flight because Ryan Air staff have admitted they made errors?.
‘Check in opens three hours before the flight’
‘Do you acknowledge we have just cause for complaint as we tried to do the right thing and the only reason we are not on the plane is because of communication failures with Ryan Air Staff?’
‘Check in opens three hours before the flight’
‘What colour are my trousers?’
‘Check in opens three hours before the flight’
‘Do you think economic sanctions on Russia will diffuse the escalating situation in Ukraine?’
‘Check in opens three hours before the flight’
‘Were Man Utd right to fire David Moyes?’
‘Check in opens three hours before the flight’
‘My tinkle is hurting, could you take a look if I promise not to tell anyone?’
‘Check in opens three hours before the flight’
Middle Gimp then conferred with Vacant and Not That Bright, and agreed that this was all our fault as we should have noticed that Child had made an error and we should have called the flight ourselves to assist Vacant in doing her job because she was clearly busy being, well,…… Middle Gimp then insisted we go to customer the Customer Shouting Desk, as he was definitely not going to do anything else. This was handy as the queue was very long so that by the time we would reach the front the plane would be half way to Bratislava and the problem would be solved.
We waited patiently in line as customer after customer stood at the desk to hear the same song;
‘No, no, I can’t do that, no, there are no Middle Gimps available, no, no, sorry, no, give me all your money’
We got to the Customer Shouting Desk and explained our plight to the lady there (who was actually very nice and clearly should not be working for Ryan Air as a result). She apologised but explained that Middle Gimp had finished being angry for the day and had returned to his padded cage and there were no other Middle Gimps around. We would have to book in to the flight for the next day and we would have to pay £110 each to change the ticket. When she tried to re-book the flight she said that the flight we had tried to get was actually delayed by 1 hour and still at the air port and that what we should do is run to the gate with all our luggage, she would call through and they would check our bags into the hold at the gate. We ran as fast as we could, which is not very fast because I am fat, to security to do as instructed. Security advised us that because our flight should have left, even though it hadn’t, the ticket machine would not open the barrier for us and we would need to return to the Customer Shouting Desk.
We waited patiently in the very long queue yet again for about 40 minutes to discover the nice lady had also gone home now so we had to explain the whole thing again to a new lady that looked like all the joy had been removed from her life at birth. She recited the Ryan Air customer services song with a sterling level of apathy and dreariness, I am surprised she could muster the will just to breather and stay alive.
‘No, no, I can’t do that, no, there are no Middle Gimps available, no, no, sorry, no, give me all your money’
She recited it with perfection, Middle Gimps across the world would have been in awe and the effectiveness of the techniques taught in Middle Gimp School. Seeing no other option but to hand over all our cash and come back the next morning we happily paid and got new flights.
As the new flight was at 6.25am in the morning we decided to get a hotel, we paid £79 for a room and got a taxi.
So, our customer experience was insightful and liberating. From the incompetent Child with a brain so full of girls and Vauxhall Corsa modifications he couldn’t actually listen or speak, through Vacant and Not That Bright who decided on reflection that anything they did wrong was our fault for not pointing it out to them, right through Middle Gimp who made a Tasmanian Devil look calm and Zen like, and the sad one, oh so sad, having every last drop of life sucked out of her by her chosen career at the Ryan Air Customer Shouting Desk. I very nearly jumped over the desk just to give her a cuddle and tell her everything would be alright if she could just muster the will to leave the Ryan Air Customer Shouting Desk and find a more fulfilling job, like starting the very first Israeli pork pie factory, or being a parking attendant in Tower Hamlets, or in fact just resigning herself to a slow and uncomfortable death would have been indistinguishable from the current position and would require much less effort.
The net result of this ‘experience’ was;
New Flights – £220
Hotel £79
Taxi x 2 £50
Worlds most expensive sandwich in the only hotel we could get £35
1 x significant breach of Tort Law (2008 as quoted by Lord Atkin) by Ryan Air, Google it, it’s a cracking read. I will leave you to decide the monetary value of this.
1 x very angry and upset wife, in particular with Middle Gimp for being so unbelievably rude.
1 x Missed wedding reception for our Slovakian family (sorry, forgot to mention this nugget earlier) who all turned up from all over the country to see us for an event we were forced to miss, because Child and Vacant are clueless at best and Middle Gimp has anger management issues.
So, thank you Ryan Air for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I have watched a program called the news so I fully expect this to land on the desk of the customer services team underneath the empty bottles and sandwich wrappers that you also file there. You treated us badly, you cost us money and made us miss our wedding reception through a display of incompetence I have not seen since Greece was allowed to have money and a cheque book.
I sincerely doubt you will do anything about this, compensate us, apologise, or even respond according to the news, so I have sent this recorded and sign for delivery to absolutely confirm my opinion of Ryan Air and that it is not just ‘lost in the post’
You bunch of…………….
DJ Lockley
P.S. Maybe Middle Gimp in particular, but Child, Not That Bright, and Vacant should purchase one of your reasonable priced tickets and go to Slovakia (assuming they were actually allowed on the plane. The Ryan Air employees there are smart, clever, bilingual, helpful, and polite and they should in my opinion experience an example of how they should do their job. The Slovak staff could explain it to them, but they wouldn’t be able to understand it for them, so it may be a waste of time after all.


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